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Approved Priority Partner Categories

  • Leadership, Shared Responsibility and Collaboration
  • High Quality Core Instruction
  • Strategic Use of Human Capital
  • Organization the District for Successful Turnaround


Leadership, Shared Responsibility and Collaboration - TNTP works with school leaders and their teams by developing customized support strategies that best fit each school and leader. Our work will center around three core components:

  1. Diagnostics, Prioritization & Planning. We conduct individual diagnostics with all partner schools to support school leaders to set a vision and goals with clear and measurable benchmarks throughout the year. Coaches help principals examine the best entry point for school improvement and begin to cultivate a clear set of plans for the first 90 days of school.
  2. Professional Development. Both during the summer and throughout the school year, principals attend PD sessions with other schools as well as differentiated PD sessions based on their individualized development goals.  This includes professional learning with other leaders engaged in school turnaround efforts, providing a cohort of peers who will support one another’s learning.
  3. Leadership Coaching. On-site leadership coaching will focus on the development of effective management practices and prepare leaders to accurately assess teacher performance so they are better able to be strong developers of talent. TNTP builds the principal’s distributive leadership skills and supports leaders in upholding clear, consistent

High Quality Core Instruction - At TNTP, we believe all students deserve excellent teachers and our work focuses on ensuring great teaching is happening across all classrooms in a school. This means students are:

  • Fully engaged in the work of the lesson
  • Working on appropriately rigorous content that prepares them for success in college and the workforce
  • Taking ownership of their learning
  • Demonstrating understanding

Strategic Use of Human Capital - TNTP works with schools and districts to ensure access to talented educators and school leaders by focusing on four key strategies:

  1. Recruitment and Candidate Cultivation. Increase school systems’ capacity to reach ambitious targets and allocate resources to the right recruitment practices.
  2. A Smart Selection Model. Efficiently screen candidates so principals spend time interviewing only those most likely to be a fit for the school’s unique culture.
  3. Strategic Staffing Support.  Give leaders a competitive edge by providing the capacity that positions their teams to fill vacancies earlier.
  4. Effective Retention Practices.  Provide actionable school-level and system-wide data that leaders can use to set clear next steps shown to increase the retention of top-performers and yield improved student outcomes.

Organizing the District for Successful Turnaround - TNTP brings experience in aligning three critical components to ensure our district and school partners achieve transformative results.

  1. Put human capital front and center. District transformation efforts demand leadership talent with incredibly strong instructional vision and the ability to execute on that vision.  We help develop robust human capital strategies that ensure schools have strong leaders, and effective teachers with deep content expertise.
  2. Bring coherence to the instructional vision and strategies. Turnaround schools demand a coherent strategy centered on an academic vision that is well-integrated, rigorous, aligned and sequenced to meet the needs of the students who will be served by the school.
  3. Put the people, time, money and program for success in place.  For turnaround efforts to be successful, the policy, regulatory, collective bargaining and fiscal contexts must be addressed to strengthen autonomy and provide clearer accountability.


    Dr. Rasheed Meadows, Vice President