Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL)

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Academic Supports and Interventions for Students


All children need opportunities to learn in order to fulfill their potential in school and in life. At BELL, we create high-quality, high-impact out-of-school learning opportunities for the children who need them most so that they, too, can develop the academic and social-emotional skills needed to excel. BELL builds the capacity of its school, district, and nonprofit partners to deliver evidence-based out-of-school-time programs that serve students, grades pre-K-8. BELL programs blend fun, hands-on enrichment activities with rigorous, standards-aligned academic instruction led by certified teachers    in math and English Language Arts. In BELL Summer and BELL After School programs, scholars experience academic success, gain self-confidence, and become more prepared and motivated to succeed in the classroom. The BELL model also supports teachers in learning and adopting effective instructional practices and helps parents become more engaged in their child’s education. Together, scholar success, teacher professional development, and parent involvement lead to stronger engagement, improved attendance, increased grades and test scores, and higher graduation rates.


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