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Approved Priority Partner Categories

  1. Leadership, Shared Responsibility and Collaboration
  2. High Quality Core Instruction
  3. Academic Supports and Interventions for Students
  4. Organization the District for Successful Turnaround  


The HILL partners with districts to assess literacy needs, implement research-based training, and deliver data-driven instruction so all students can achieve the literacy skills needed to be successful. We customize our training and consultation to meet the unique needs of the school district centered around the following goals:

  1. Implement leadership routines and systems necessary to institute evidence-based literacy practices within a tiered instructional model and build capacity to ensure sustainability of the school-wide literacy model.
  2. Implement research-based instructional programs and resources within a multi-tiered system of support framework.
  3. Create a consistent knowledgebase and common language among teachers that is based on the overview of reading, current reading research, and evidence-based practices in reading instruction.
  4. Establish a framework and process for using scientifically-based dynamic assessments to make instructional decisions at the district, school, grade, classroom, and individual student levels.


Dr. Darci Burns
Phone: 888-860-0190 x1
Email: info@hillforliteracy.org